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Sessions are of 50 minutes duration, although I sometimes recommend a shorter time for young children. The sessions occur on a weekly basis in a confidential space arranged by the family, for instance within the child's school or home. Depending on the needs of the child or young person, the counselling can be open-ended or time-limited to an agreed number of sessions; with regular periods of review.

When counselling has been requested for a child or young person, I like to meet first with their parents/carer to discuss the process of therapy and their thoughts and feelings about the difficulties their child is facing. This will be followed by an initial appointment with the child or young person to discuss the counselling and to garner from them what problems they feel they have and how it is affecting them. The counselling sessions with children and young people will be confidential in line with the BACP guidelines.

I structure the sessions around the needs of the child or young person. Depending on their age, it can consist of talking and/or non-verbal activities as a means of enabling the child or young person to express and find understanding of what might be worrying them. The past, present or future can be explored. This can include looking at issues in specific relationships, as well as the content of troubling dreams and fantasies.

I utilise a wide range of therapeutic techniques in working with children and young people. Depending on their age and needs, my work can include therapeutic play activities, creative therapies such as using art, writing and role play and calming techniques such as meditation as a means of supporting the child or young person to safely explore their worries and come to a place of resolution within themselves.

Whilst maintaining the child or young person's confidentiality, parents and carers can be met with periodically to discuss the progress of the therapy. If the child or young person wishes to invite their parents to share in their therapy, family meetings can be scheduled accordingly.

I have an Enhanced CRB. I have undertaken extensive training in Child Protection whilst working for the NSPCC and as a practitioner within various Local Authorities.
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